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 As a manager of a condo or home owners association you need a trusted janitorial service in Naples, Bonita Springs or Marco Island. It all comes down to reliability and efficiency. Our company can offer you: Great communication, punctual efficient staff (fully background checked) and of course license, insurance and workers comp. We also offer condo cleaning in Naples for your residents. These are basic requirements. Our company goes much further to provide a service for today's demands. As a leader in green cleaning our market research shows that your high end clients are more focused than ever on their organic lifestyle and living in toxin free environment. Other companies simply don't have what we offer or don't understand their clients needs. If your building is in Naples, Marco or Bonita Springs call us for a free quote for common area cleaning. Our team can also provide high end individual owner unit cleaning. Give your clients an excellent choice today with our Naples janitorial service.   Tags: Condo cleaning in Naples in Pelican Bay and other neighborhoods

Our green cleaning methods

Research shows that volatile organic compounds are one of the leading causes of in home air pollution and one of the leading causes of disease in the Unites States. They say old habits die hard. Recommending a company that uses dangerous chemicals these days is the norm but for managers with higher standards, it doesn't have to be. Our crews are trained to provide efficient quality and thorough cleaning using high quality green cleaning solutions. At Daisy Eco Clean we believe that happy workers produce better results. We invest in our staff. We pay them a living wage and treat them well, in turn they are happy, friendly and courteous and that is a win win for everyone. As a C.A.M manager, the last thing you need is to have to train another companies staff in order to ensure that they are friendly to your residents and completing their tasks. 


"I am glad I found D.E.C. We were tired of inferior service companies and now that we have switched we never have issues. They are doing an excellent job and we don't have to micro manage their output. Best of all, I like that the staff are friendly to the residents in our building" - John D.

"Daisy Eco Clean are an excellent cleaning company. We are  happy customers".  - Mark H.

"Daisy (eco clean) have provided cleaning for 2 years and they do a great job. Maria is an excellent cleaner and always in a good mood. We are glad to have her". - Abbey J.

Try us out! We are sure that you will love our method and our team. 20% off 1st community cleaning.

We know that searching for the right service provider can be difficult. We encourage you to ask others about our strong reputation for excellent cleaning. We believe we are a good fit for your community because we work hard to ensure that our high standards are met on a daily basis but if you are still unsure we will be happy to take 20% off your first bill to show you that we are prepared to exceed your expectations. So call us today. If we have scheduling space we will be happy to include your company in our cleaning schedule. Fill out the form below for an on site meeting and a free quote for your building or community.

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How much do you charge?

Our company is different only because we offer high end organic / green cleaning. In general we do not differ on price from other cleaning companies and we offer competitive pricing. Sometimes we are the cheapest. sometime we are not. We are not always the cheapest because we train our staff to a high standard, invest in them and we offer legitimate service with overheads like any business. We believe that this is the best overall method for providing value to our customers. We do offer free quotes and free on-site meetings in order to gain a full perspective of your individual community needs because knowing our clients requirements in important to us. Fill out the contact form today and let's set up a meeting at your building or community. You an also send us a copy of a current quote and we will try to beat it by 5%.

What are the benefits of hiring Daisy EcoClean over another vendor? 

We don't just hire anyone! Our staff is the face of our business and that's really important to us. We believe that investing in our staff is the best way to build our business and our reputation overall. A good foundation for this is locating the right people (not always easy, but it always pays off). Our staff are trustworthy, courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. Training in our organic cleaning methods is also a priority. Because our staff are like family, job safety is a priority to us. We will not place them in a dangerous environment or ask them to work for an unruly client (no matter how profitable). We believe that happy, trained staff produce better results and decrease the repetition of rehiring and retraining. Our mantra is loyalty shown will be loyalty repaid. These benefits are passed on to you, our client.

What services do you provide?

Our concentration is on providing excellent interior green cleaning services, deep cleaning and common area cleaning. We don't plan on being jack of all trades. However as a manager, we know that A-rated partner services are important to you so we have done the 'heavy lifting'. Good people know good people, and we know the industry very well. Our aim is to provide managers with our one number solution for cleaning all exterior and interior areas. If we don't provide it we are partnered with an A-rated company that does. Check out our additional partner services

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